Let's be honestwebsite redesigns can be daunting no matter the organization or the industry. Even so, higher ed offers its own set of challenges, as websites often include thousands of pages of content and cater to a wide variety of audiences and stakeholders. 

In our free web guide, Scott DiPerna, Managing Director at Palantir.net, outlines nine steps to follow when navigating a higher ed website redesign:

  1. Set clear goals
  2. Know your stakeholders
  3. Define the purpose of your website
  4. Assemble a functional team
  5. Build buy-in across campus
  6. Keep track of your content
  7. Know who your competitors are
  8. Choose the right strategy, design, and development partners
  9. Create a website management plan 

While we won't sugarcoat ita website redesign can be trickyfollowing these steps can make a world of a difference. Fill out the form and receive the guide to use as you embark on your website redesign project. 


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