Streamline visitor experiences and remove potential roadblocks to conversion with Funnels from Siteimprove.

Your visitors know what they want, but they don't always know how to get it.  Whether you want your audience to subscribe to a newsletter, download content, or make a purchase, there is always a series of steps involved as they move through your website toward their intended destination. 

Funnels can help you isolate visitor data and usage patterns to determine how to best help each visitor reach the resources they need, when they need them. 

In this webinar, we cover how Funnels in Siteimprove Analytics can help you:

  • Boost conversion rates on important pages.
  • Identify areas for improvement and potential barriers to success.
  • Gain accurate insight into visitor behavior.


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 Mischa Brown - Customer Success Manager at Siteimprove

Headshot of Mischa Brown

Mischa has worked within the digital arena for over seven years with almost five of these as a Siteimprove customer. He is the Product Champion for Siteimprove Analytics, and those who have listened into his trainings before will know he has a passion for web analytics. Mischa holds a BASc 2:1 honors degree in Internet Technology from Anglia Ruskin University. His ultimate objective is to provide training and strategic guidance to web teams large and small looking to build a more effective digital presence.