And in the race to build bigger, more effective websites, identifying concrete objectives is often overlooked. Simply adding more content and aiming for page views could paint an inaccurate picture of website success. By sitting down with your team and setting objectives for your website performance, tracking success becomes much easier.

During this webinar we cover:

  • The importance of identifying business objectives for digital properties
  • How to develop specific digital metrics to pair with broad business objectives
  • Finite ways to prove digital success to upper management


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Meet the presenter: Brett Patterson

Image of Brett Patterson

Brett has over a decade of experience leading and managing digital marketing and analytics programs for organizations ranging from start-ups and non-profits to Fortune 100 businesses. Brett’s ultimate objective is to provide strategic guidance to web teams large and small looking to build a more effective digital presence. Brett holds a B.A. in Mass Communications from Minnesota State University - Mankato and multiple certifications in digital analytics.