What is the Content Performance Report?

It’s a snapshot review with insights into your website’s health through the eyes of our platform.

The Content Performance Report provides grades in the three crucial areas of content quality, SEO and accessibility, based on many checks done by our cloud-based platform.

It also provides a breakdown of your website scores, highlights some issues as they appear on your website, and even links to free tips for fixing the issues.

Insights Report thumbnail

A starting point to improve your website

Image of Insights Report website scores, providing number grades for a website's SEO, accessibility and quality assurance.

Discover your website grades in the areas of SEO, content quality and accessibility

Image of Insights Report listing number of broken links, misspellings, pages, and accessibility issues.

Get an overview of key quality and accessibility issues

Image of Insights Report breakdown of quality assurance score, listing scores for areas of content quality, content freshness, security and user experience

Target fixes where you can have the most impact

Image of Insights Report broken link example, highlighting an issue directly on a website's page

Easily see issues and opportunities for improvement highlighted directly on your website

Ready to see how your website scores?

Optimise everything on your site with Siteimprove

Siteimprove's all-in-one software provides insights from a single platform to help you address issues impacting your website’s:

  • Content Quality and Optimisation
  • SEO
  • Accessibility
  • Analytics
  • Brand compliance
  • Policy management
  • Data privacy
  • And much more

The URL must be a public website that does not contain personal or sensitive data. The Report is not legal advice or intended to certify compliance with any local, federal, or international standards, rules, directives, regulations, or laws.

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