What's the Firstimprover program?

The Firstimprover program is for Siteimprove customers and partners who are interested in getting early access to work in progress platform features and sharing their thoughts and feedback with us.

Depending on where we are in a feature or product development process, we'll encourage feedback via channels such as exploratory interviews and feedback sessions, online prototype demonstrations, in-platform questionnaires, in-platform 1-5 ratings, and usability tests with our product development teams.

Want to join the program? Fill in the form on this page.

Submit the same email you use to log into Siteimprove to keep you from running into problems accessing work in progress features. 

Who can join?

Any Siteimprove customer or partner can be a Firstimprover.

A GREAT Firstimprover is somebody who uses our products in their work, is alright with the possibility of buggy alpha or beta features, and is interested in sharing feedback quantitatively and/or qualitatively. 

Joining the program is an individual user decision, it's not an account wide decision. Features released to some or all Firstimprover are made visible to the user who joined the program, not to all users on an account. 

All activities are voluntary, you can take part in the activities that suit and interest you. 

Are you a Siteimprover Partner?

We encourage our official partner relations to join the Firstimprover program as an opportunity to get closer to work in progress development of the Siteimprove platform and shape it with us.

What happens after submitting the form?

You'll receive a confirmation email from firstimprover@siteimprove.com with a link to a short survey. If we're currently running a beta releases of work in progress features, they're highlighted within the platform using yellow beta labels and instructions for how to provide feedback.

We look forward to working with you!


Sign me up as a Firstimprover!

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Maria, Customer Engagement Manager at Siteimprove

I'm Maria, your Firstimprover program manager here at Siteimprove. I'm based in Copenhagen and excited you're visiting this page!

Give the information above a read if you're curious about what being a Firstimprover at Siteimprove is about. Joining the program is easy, just fill in the form on this page. If you have any questions, ideas, or just want to say hi, I'd love to hear from you at firstimprover@siteimprove.com