How safe is the personal data on your website?

gdpr-platform.jpgThe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes immediate effect May 25, 2018. It will significantly change the way organizations handle personal data of EU citizensincluding the data on their websites.

While GDPR affects every aspect of an organization, websites and analytics tools are often overlooked—and many don't realize they serve as a backdoor into personal data.

Making your website GDPR-compliant may seem like a long road, but we can help you get there.

Siteimprove GDPR

  • Scan your entire website for personal data like names, emails, and identification numbers
  • Identify all IP addresses and domains and audit those continuouslyeven the ones you forgot about
  • Enforce sitewide security by applying policies that catch potential privacy risks

Siteimprove Analytics

  • Own your own data, knowing Siteimprove will never share it with third parties
  • Build trust with visitors by easily complying with their "do not track" requests
  • Retain useful behavior data while anonymizing visitor IP addresses

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