To deliver a superior digital experience day in and day out, you have to understand what visitors want and need from your website. Focus on these 3 key areas to gain deeper insights into the quality and effectiveness of your digital presence, so your team can deliver the experience your visitors deserve.

This webinar is aimed at Marketers, Web Designers, Data Analysts, Digital Managers and anyone with an active interest in optimising website performance through analytics.

Discover 3 key areas to get actionable insights from your website: 

  • Key Metrics - Why key metrics are important and how to manage
    Analysing data can be challenging and at times even confusing, especially when trying to uncover the reason WHY behind your data. Key Metrics will help you contextualise the data you see and evaluate it against user actions that you know are important to your organisation.
  • Behaviour Maps - The power of visual analytics and how these tools are useful
    Piles of data can be overwhelming to interpret and even harder to explain. Based on click coordinates, finger tracking, and scrolling patterns, Behaviour Maps can provide tangible representations of the actions visitors take on your website.
  • Funnels - How to optimise the user journey and achieve your goals

    A lot of planning and work goes into building a website, but often important decisions are made on assumptions. Funnels help you lay out the ideal path for visitors to follow to conversion and track their behaviour to learn where they might go astray.

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About the presenter, Søren Laumand 


Søren Laumand is an Analytics Product Expert at Siteimprove, based in our Copenhagen headquarters. Søren is dedicated to helping organisations big and small put their website analytics to use and avoid analysis paralysis, typically brought on by overwhelming amounts of data. Søren has a degree in Management of Innovation and Business Development from Copenhagen Business School and has worked in the digital industry since 2011.