Whether you are just starting to think about a redesign or are in the process, make sure you are getting the most of your website, its user experience, and a successful deployment with this webinar.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how a creative, effective, and lasting website redesign process uses the latest insights, strategies and best practices in the K-12 sector.

Topics include:

  • Understanding when and why to do a redesign
  • Pinpointing what your new website needs are
  • The importance of planning and data-driven decision making
  • Web accessibility and other crucial factors to consider for K-12 websites
  • Determining the best platform solution and options for your needs
  • Why communications are key before, during, and after launch
  • Post-launch planning – now what?


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About the presenter, Chelsea Janke

Chelsea Janke, Featured presenter

Chelsea is the Director of Client & School Services at CEL Marketing PR Design. She is a digital communications professional that is described by her clients and schools as “a valued advisor and advocate.” As a master of helping schools bridge the gap between communications and technology, she is respected within the field for helping public school districts and private schools tell their story and interact with stakeholders, using effective communication tools and technology.