Redesigning your website can be a daunting proposition. It is a huge investment in time and money and something that you will live with for years to come. While there is a tremendous amount of work involved, the reward is a new site that will engage your audience and meet your business objectives – if done correctly. 

A properly executed redesign project first begins with understanding when and why to redesign your site. Answering both the "when" and "why" of redesign offers the perfect opportunity to examine your web strategy's role within your overall organizational strategy, and how to incorporate both to build a sustainable site. This webinar will walk you through the entire web redesign process, from research and planning to launch and post-launch analysis. 

Whether you are redesigning your website in-house or working with an agency, Mark Greenfield provides you with a redesign framework that will streamline the process and position your new site for success. 

You will learn:

  • The full redesign process from start to finish
  • How to keep your project on time and on track
  • How to utilize the experiences with your current site to inform decisions about the new site
  • How to plan for post-launch
  • The common mistakes with a website redesign project and how to avoid them

Who should attend

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Web Managers
  • Marketing and Communications Professionals


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About the host, Mark Greenfield


Mark Greenfield is a highly regarded, influential member of the higher education web community. He is an experienced consultant and an award-winning speaker who is known for his thoughtful vision of the future of the web and technology on college campuses. He is very active in the web community, serving on numerous boards and committees. 

Mark has worked at the University at Buffalo (UB) for 29 years. He currently serves as the Director, Office of Web Services, a position he has held since 2001. From 1997 - 2001, he was the Web Development Manager for Computing and Information Technology and the CIO's Office. He began his career at UB as a supervisor for Instructional Technology Services where he played a significant role in integrating technology into the classroom. 

Mark has also served as a visiting instructor in UB's former School of Informatics. His research interests include emerging technologies, social media, the mobile web, the Millennial Generation and their use of technology, and the impact of globalization and technology on the academy.